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Separation and a change of personal circumstances gives rise to many legal questions which can be quite confusing and often very daunting. We focus on assisting individuals and families to resolve issues that can have lasting financial and emotional implications.

We appreciate the importance of ensuring clients be given advice on their entitlements and obligations but also guidance during what can be a complex and demanding time for them and their children.

We hope the information you find on our ‘services’ menu will help you to better understand the legal issues relating to your situation.

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Below is a list of some of the matters with which we can assist clients. Please note, the information contained herein is intended as a general guide only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

To obtain a divorce an application to the Federal Magistrates court seeking a divorce order is required. Consent of both parties is not needed to file for a divorce.
The application can be made provided you or your spouse has a sufficient connection to Australia. For instance, you are citizens, have lived in Australia for 12 months prior to filing the application, or consider Australia to be your home and plan to remain living here.
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Division and distribution of assets and liabilities after the breakdown of a married or de-facto relationship is vitally important to the future security of both parties. It is very important to obtain accurate and prompt legal advice to ensure peace of mind for you and your children’s future and a fair and equitable distribution of assets.
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When parents separate they must consider the living arrangements and other aspects concerning the future care and interests of their children. These decisions can be negotiated directly between parents and can be assisted with mediators, counsellors and their lawyers.
In the event of conflict between parents and disputes over suitable arrangements for the care of children, it is recommended that you take prompt action in seeking legal advice to avoid being placed in an unfavourable position for a lengthy period whilst waiting for court action to commence.
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Liptak Lawyers places emphasis on dispute resolution to assist couples undergoing separation and divorce, who wish to avoid the distress of long-lasting disputes and arguments and to bring about the most suitable resolution for them and their families.
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Spousal maintenance is financial support provided by one party in a marriage or de facto relationship to a former partner who is unable to adequately support themselves. The Court considers several factors to determine the right to receive or duty to pay spousal maintenance. On separation, both party’s needs and capacity to provide support is taken into account. Payment of spousal maintenance is not automatic.
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There are certain requirements the court must take into account when determining whether a de facto relationship existed. These include but are not limited to the following:-
  • the length of the relationship
  • children of the relationship
  • whether a sexual relationship existed
  • property ownership and acquisition
The Family Court makes no distinction between opposite sex and same sex couples, regarding both as de facto relationships.
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Liptak Lawyers make every effort to resolve clients’ family law matters without the need to proceed to court, however, some issues cannot be resolved without a court Order.
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